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7 Great Twitter Tips 4 Affiliate Marketers

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Affiliate marketing is a fantastic way to make money online. Twitter is a great way to increase your sales. Just be careful so your Twitter experience is a pleasant (and profitable) one.

Here are 7 tips that affiliate marketers should keep in mind:

1. Be personal with your tweets. Don't send out the same tweet over and over or to different people. If people are tweeting about needing holiday presents, don't send, "Hey! Shop at my site www.blahblahblah.com" to everyone! Tweets should be personal, not canned.

2. Be genuine with tweets. Don't try to be something you are not.

3. If you do send a sales link, send it as a natural part of the conversation. If you chat with people, eventually they will ask what you do (or you can drop subtle hints) - then you can mention it.

4. Don't send a direct link to your product. Send a link to your blog or a general informational website. Don't be so blatant about trying to get a sale.

For example, if a Twitter mom complains about not doing well with potty training Junior, don't send her a link to your ebook on potty training; instead, send a link to your blog post that discusses potty training ideas (that can include your affiliate link to the ebook). You will get a much more favorable reception.

5. Be useful and helpful. Not every tweet has to be about "you, you, and you". Take time to tweet about others and be a helpful part of the community.

6. Listen to your followers. Ask questions, and then help them out. You can get great feedback from tweets. (I get lots of ideas for info products and affiliate products from the feedback I receive from my followers.)

7. Use tweets in moderation. Don't tweet about every single thing you do. (Like "going to the store" - do people really care?) Don't send direct affiliate links. Don't toot your own horn all of the time. Let people hear from you, but don't be too chatty.

Used correctly, Twitter is a great way to add to your profits. Just make sure to use it wisely.


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