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6 Easy Internet Marketing Tips

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Whether you’re running a website, or a blog, you need to know about the most effective advertising methods. Advertising methods can make or break your website. Some methods are extremely expensive, while others are far more cost effective. In general, the cost of the advertisement does not dictate how effective the advertising is.

Pop Up Advertising

Some of the most expensive ads that you can purchase are pop-up ads. Not only are they expensive, but visitors also find them downright annoying. In fact, almost all people today have some form of pop-up blocker which prevents them from seeing these ads in the first place. This expensive marketing method is one you can easily live without. Don’t forget that fly ads are similar to pop-ups can do little more than provide a description and chase visitors to your site away.

Pod Casting

Podcasts are a very slick sophisticated Internet advertising method. However, since more and more people are utilizing them, they can be a very effective if somewhat expensive advertising method. It’s important to remember that podcasts are similar in nature to a television broadcast. In general, they will be worth the money that you spend for them.

Search Engine Advertising

Paid search engine advertising means that you pay the search engine a fixed amount that allows your URL to be included in the first page of top results. If you are considering purchasing these rights through Google or Yahoo search, it may be worth the investment. However, if you using lesser-known search engines or those that are not as heavily utilized as Google and Yahoo, it may not be worth your investment.


One of the least expensive advertising methods is blogging. Sign up for a blogging account, which is oftentimes free, post to your blog on a regular basis, and utilize social bookmarking tools to drive traffic. Not only is this method inexpensive, but it almost always will result in additional traffic.

Small search engines

Another inexpensive advertising method is to submit your site to smaller search engines. Because the small search engines smaller, they tend to accept URLs more readily. This means that your site will not get overlooked by the giants that could dwarf your site on Yahoo and Google.

Text Links

Text links can be extremely effective, and in general they are free. You can contact other blog owners and ask for them to list you in their blogroll. You can easily as reciprocate and the end result is you’ve not only gained a back link, you’ve also effectively advertised on another site.


There are several ways that you can advertise your website inexpensively. Today, there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars marketing your site. Social networking sites such as Twitter or Redgage, other blogs, smaller search engines, and myriad other tools are available to you.


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