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Lupe Fiasco - I'm Beamin'

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motivational message to you!

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If you are looking at this, I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS! 'For what?' you may ask. Well, I think everyone has accomplished something, anything, big or small, at some point in their life. I also think a good reminder of what you have already accomplished will help motivate you to accomplish more. Achieve more. Reach your goals.

Just think of all the things you have been through to get to this point in your life. Good and bad. All of these things have an effect on your life. I try to use those things, good and bad, to help me in the new ventures of life I take on. I suggest you to do the same.

With that being said, give yourself a pat on the back! YOU DID IT! YOU MADE IT!

Now use that as your motivation to KEEP doing it, and DO EVEN MORE!


PROTOOLS: Extracting Samples from Loops

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for all you sample based producers or beatmakers looking to start sampling, this is another tutorial from winksound.com that shows you how to extract samples from loops. its the basics, but this can be applied to any old song or track you might want to chop up for use in your beat.

Twaitter?.. WTH is that?..

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There are so many twitter management sites out there that once you find one, you tend to not want to try any others. Hootsuite for instance is probably the best twitter management website hands down, but the lack of “auto recurring tweets” means you still spend some extra manual time to build repetitive tweets so you can manually queue them. Twaitter stands out as having several very unique features, the primary one is the ability to schedule recurring tweets that kick off “daily, weekly, monthly or yearly” which is good for reminders or updates. Though TwitRobot allows you to kick off a randomized set of up to “10″ twitter messages that can blast every 3 hours (in free version) or more frequently in paid version.

Twaitter allows you to set scheduled tweets to go off every weekday, which would be great for quotes or event reminders. The other major feature is “Twanslate” and Spellcheck, you can not only translate your twitter message into a variety of other languages before you tweet it out, but you can spell check other languages as well. Need to speak “Arabic” over twitter to someone, you can just translate your English tweet to Arabic with the touch of a button. Over 40 languages are selectable for translation, and 8 for the spellcheck. This makes Twaiter the most unique application I have seen for translating tweets, which is a nice touch.

Twaitter also has a really nice calendar style view showing you each hour and what tweet kicks off when.

Twaitter definitely has some useful features, and has some useful scheduling options, but lacks any real user management other than seeing your users you have to open up each one to follow them manually. I recommend using Twaitter if you need to schedule tweets or broadcast automatic reoccurring tweets on a daily/weekly basis.

PROTOOLS: creating an 808 snare fill

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this is a tutorial that i recently checked out at winksound.com , a site you might want to bookmark. its great for producers who may need a little help. this particular tutorial is on how to make those 808 snare fills that are infamous in down south hip hop tracks! check it out!

10 Cool Twitter Apps/Websites!

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These 10 Cool Twitter Applications enable you to do things on twitter like photo sharing, twitter client, feeding your blog to twitter, getting more followers, tracking URL’s and more..

1. TwitPic Lets you share photos on Twitter

2. TweetDeck Is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.

3. Twitterfeed.com Feed your blog to twitter, identi.ca, HelloTxt or Ping.fm

4. Twitterholic Twittastic robots scan the Twitter public timeline for new twits to tweet. A few times a day, we calculate individual statistics for each twittering twit in our database.

5. TwitterCounter Get more followers: Add TwitterCounter to your site, blog or social network.

6. Twhirl Is a desktop client for social software such as Twitter, Friendfeed, identi.ca, or seesmic

7. Twitturly Is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.

8. TwtPoll Enter your question, then share your poll on Twitter.

9. Retweetist New links that are being Retweeted the most. Only the freshest, only the most tweeted.

10. Tweepler Organize tweeps. To follow or not to follow?

Top 8 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is A Must!

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When comparing social media traffic to other forms of traffic, such as search engine, the numbers typically are going to look rather bleak. While you’ll hopefully see a spike in number of visitors and pageviews, that will often be accompanied by higher bounce rates, lower pageviews per visitor, and a lower average time on the site. With stats like this many bloggers wonder if social media traffic is even worth the time and effort.

Despite the tendency of many social media visitors to quickly exit your site and move on to the next one, there are still some very convincing reasons why you should care about social media and why it is worth your time.

1. It’s Free
Unless you’re paying for a consultant or a link bait specialist (both can be good options), marketing your website with social media is free. It will cost you some time, but that pales in comparison to the value of the traffic that you can get in return. There are countless ways to market a website or blog. Just about all of them involve spending money (which isn’t a bad thing), and of the ones that don’t involve money, the vast majority of them are a complete waste of time. I’ve never tried any other type of free marketing that brought even 1% of the results I’ve gotten with social media at my primary blog. Most bloggers are on a tight, or non-existent, budget when it comes to marketing. If this is the case, social media is for you.

2. The Future of the Internet is Social
Social media and social networking aren’t going away any time soon. The major players and the types of social sites may change of the course of time, but this is a trend that online marketers need to adjust to. Without finding ways to build a website or blog through social media you could be left behind by your competitors.

3. Quick Results
Building a successful website takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Search engine rankings, for instance, can take years to build in a competitive niche. On the other hand, with social media you can develop content and be seen by thousands of visitors within the same day. For this reason, social media is a great option for getting a new website or blog noticed right away .

4. It Gets Easier with Time
If you’re new to blogging and social media and you feel like everyone else is getting traffic but you, understand that it takes some time and effort, but it will get easier. Once you have established a bit of a reader base and you’ve hopefully attracted some social media users to your blog, it will be much easier for you to get votes and ultimately get more exposure. The more you use social media the more you will understand about how it works and how users will respond.

5. It Doesn’t Require as Much Time as You Might Think
Personally, I use social media every day, but on a very limited basis. If you think that you have to spend all day on Digg or Stumbling pages to get some results of your own, you may be surprised. With the right approach you can get fantastic results with just a few hours per week on social media sites. To be a top Digg user you’ll need more time than that, but being a top Digg user isn’t necessary to draw social media traffic.

6. Links Can Help Your Search Engine Rankings Rise Quickly
Although visitors from social media sites may be less responsive than other types of visitors, success with social media will likely increase the number of inbound links you receive. Links will boost your search engine rankings and they’ll also drive click-through traffic your way. Both are generally high quality traffic sources. Well, in addition to sending loads of traffic directly, the links that result from social media success can get your new posts ranking very well with search engines almost immediately. It’s not uncommon for me to see a very respectable number of visitors from Google searches to a brand new post that just drew a lot of links through social media. While it will take a while to build search engine rankings as a whole, it is possible to create specific posts to rank well right away.

7. Some Visitors Will Be Targeted
The biggest knock on social media traffic is that it’s not targeted, and that is typically true. However, visitors from niche social media sites can be very highly targeted, and on top of that, a portion of visitors from general news sites will be targeted as well. For example, if you get 25,000 visitors from a post on the Digg front page, maybe only 5,000 of them will have much of an interest in your site. Still, that’s a quick 5,000 visitors that you wouldn’t have had without social media. Just because a smaller percentage of the visitors will stick doesn’t mean that they are irrelevant.

8. It Will Lead to Other Valuable Sources of Traffic
Although visitors from social media sites may be less responsive than other types of visitors, success with social media will likely increase the number of inbound links you receive. Links will boost your search engine rankings and they’ll also drive click-through traffic your way. Both are generally high quality traffic sources.



HELLOOOOOOOOOOO! my name is David(dxvidbeatz!). im a music producer/composer, who is also an affliate marketer! weird combo you might say... but on the contrary, this blog will do exactly what it suggests. it will break down certain aspects of music AND marketing, and how they can both be used to excel! tips, tricks, tutorials, motivational quotes, videos, suggested websites, and more! but here's the twist.. it will be URBANIZED, for the 'young hip whippersnapper' to comprehend. no need to fret if you are not the young URBANIZED type.. i guarantee you will still find something useful from this blog!

be sure to check back every so often to see what goin on!

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