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6 questions you should ask artists before you start producing music

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Six questions you should ask every artist before you start producing any music

1. What are your influences and what music styles do you listen to ?
2. Who are your favorite artists?(now...back then..)
3. How do you see yourself as being an artist?
4. How do you want to be seen by the public ( your music listeners..fans etc.) ?
5. What kind of music career do you wanna have in the future (your dreams plans etc.) ?
6. Do you have any special musical talents...do you play guitar, keys etc. ?

Only if you get some honest answers and can see through an artist if he's serious/professional enough or not you should proceed with making music...

In the past I've been loosing much time and energy by not asking all of those questions. There were singers/songwriters who took their work not seriously enough, didn't know their influences or didn't bring the passion I needed for a project.

from http://themusicproducerblog.blogspot.com/

MissJennyKinney said...
May 18, 2010 at 3:59 PM  

Very helpfull! Also a great way to weed out talent because those who do not know those answers aren't really as serious about music as they say they are :)

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