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HELLOOOOOOOOOOO! my name is David(dxvidbeatz!). im a music producer/composer, who is also an affliate marketer! weird combo you might say... but on the contrary, this blog will do exactly what it suggests. it will break down certain aspects of music AND marketing, and how they can both be used to excel! tips, tricks, tutorials, motivational quotes, videos, suggested websites, and more! but here's the twist.. it will be URBANIZED, for the 'young hip whippersnapper' to comprehend. no need to fret if you are not the young URBANIZED type.. i guarantee you will still find something useful from this blog!

be sure to check back every so often to see what goin on!

you can follow me on twitter, @dxvidbeatz. im also on myspace @ www.myspace.com/dxvidbeatz! be sure to link up with me, ask questions, suggestions, ideas, etc!


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